Operating Partners The SME Lifecycle Management Specialists

gunnercookeConsulting’s Operating Partners specialise in creating value in SMEs by driving and improving the business model through each critical phase of the SME lifecycle.

For PE firms, Banks, Corporate Finance Houses and Insolvency Practitioners, our experienced team can become an invaluable expert resource, working inside your SME business to minimise risk and optimise value.

Pre-Deal Screening

Our team can perform a valuable role as part of a due diligence team, helping to evaluate both business and legal risks with appropriate mediation recommendations.

Immediate Post-Deal Review

Valuable support in creating a clear and executable plan where everyone knows his/her responsibilities.

Mid-Term Push

Ensuring your business doesn’t slip off plan by stepping in to invigorate the management team, troubleshoot problem areas and ensure the business remains on track.

Step Change / Acquisition

Where a step change is required, either in organic growth or through acquisition,  we can help evaluate the risks and benefits before any significant action is taken and cost incurred.

Value Optimisation 12 to 18 months before sale / next round of investment

An expert assessment of the business’ current status, the gap to where it needs to be at the point of a deal, and an action plan to close the gap.

Additional Services for SMEs

  • Transition Management - during management change or to assist in driving and supporting the existing team
  • Leadership, mentoring and coaching, including recommendations on personnel changes
  • Analysis and improvement of sales team effectiveness
  • Enactment of due diligence findings, including a legal scan of contract risks.

Key Contacts

John Walker